Here are some links you may find useful... - International Jin Shin Do Acupressure Foundation for teachers and registered acupressurists. - Noel Taylor’s site; an excellent resource for those interested in Medical Qigong Training Programs. - Arnie Lade RMT, RAC - Internationally known acupuncturist, author and teacher.

“Paul's approach in his practice is holistic, embracing the integration of the physical, emotional and spiritual. Since receiving acupressure treatments from Paul, I am grateful for the positive shift in energy and well being that follows. He has the capacity to meet his clients on a diverse plane of working towards restoring balance and good health. He brings to the session a generosity of spirit that nurtures self-awareness and healing. From a complementary health perspective, I have found no two sessions the same. Rather, Paul demonstrates a sensitivity to the client's ever-changing needs, and honours that which calls for healing in the present moment.” HG

1834 B Oak Bay Ave

Victoria, BC V8R 1C2