Bringing you back into balance...

The stress of modern living can challenge us in our own unique ways. While leading our busy lives it is easy to fall out of contact with ourselves. Losing this balance produces disharmony with the body, mind, and spirit.

Using Acupressure involves applying firm yet gentle pressure on muscles and pathways on the body where the tension, blockages, soreness, and stiffness occur, activating the body’s natural ability to restore balance.

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How a session takes place...

Each session is approximately one hour in length, taking place in a peaceful and relaxing clinic setting. Clients are treated wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Thumb and finger pressure is applied in a gentle, yet firm manner, respecting each persons’ unique pace of relaxing and letting go. A deeper rhythm of breathing is used as well to help with further relaxation.

Results of treatment...

As Acupressure points are held, discomfort, pain, and tension begin to diminish - both at the site of the points and throughout the body. This results in day-to-day stressors and anxieties softening, creating an improved sense of well-being and inner harmony.

Acupressure Therapy can help alleviate

the following conditions and symptoms:

chronic & acute pain . recovery from injuries . arthritis . headaches

back & neck pain . fibromyalgia . chronic fatigue syndrome . auto-immune conditions

stress & tension . anxiety . depression . insomnia

“Paul’s practice in Acupressure has helped me enormously over several years by relieving many kinds of stress issues. It didn’t matter if the stress was job, personal, or physically related, he was able to alleviate it. Monthly maintenance sessions help to keep it away.” K.A.